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What is the cost per session? How long are sessions?

Individual therapy sessions are $225 per session; while couples sessions are $280 per session. Individual sessions are 60 minutes in length, while couples are 75 minutes.

Group Therapy rates are $75.00 per hour, with groups lasting for 90 minutes.

Do you accept private insurance or MediCal?

No, I am sorry. I do not accept private insurance or MediCal insurance at this moment. All services are private pay.

What if I really want to see you but I am concerned about the cost?!

I am understanding of the cost for regular therapy, and of how this may feel like an obstacle to some of us. However, I believe that therapy is a very valuable experience that is often undervalued in comparison to physical health and even leisure activities.  I think that therapy is an investment that we make in ourselves, that creates a ripple effect in our lives. I believe that all worthwhile investments that are made in ourselves is returned to us and to our communities and loved ones through the transformation and healing that we experience and ultimately bring.

If you would like, I can walk you through the process of exploring Out-of-Network benefits with your insurer. Ultimately, this would be a self-directed matter of: contacting your insurance provider, learning more about your specific plan, and making a case with your claims representative regarding your need for services out of their network. If your provider is agreeable to this, then you can inquire with them about the percentage rate at which psychotherapy is reimbursed. 

In practice what this would like is you (the client) paying for weekly services each appointment, and I producing for you a "Super Bill" that you can then present to your provider for partial or full reimbursement on the monthly therapy cost.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Sliding fee services are not currently available. Sliding fee scale with me are determined based on need, and on the availability of open sliding fee slots in my current schedule. 

***This will be updated periodically to reflect availability status***

Do  you offer Therapy in person?

Therapy provided by Steven Ellison, LCSW through Intentional Therapy is virtual/online ONLY meaning that sessions are done by video through secure Telehealth services for Individual and Couples Therapy, and via Zoom for Group Therapies.

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