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What to Expect In A First Meeting?

Taking the Leap to Self-Healing

Client : How should I feel in a first meeting?

 Right now, you may be feeling nervous excitement, anxious hesitation, or outright confusion regarding the prospect of a first meeting with a therapist; if so, I want you to know that what you are feeling is a normal and manageable part of this process. First meeting jitters can feel like a deterrent to some but please try to believe that therapy with me will proceed at a pace that is appropriate to your present capacity and comfort. In my experience, individual presentations in a first meeting can vary from "Here is the whole story of my life" to "I'm not sure what to say right now but I know want to feel to better." There is no right or wrong way to show up to a first therapy session, after all, showing up for yourself is the most important part in moving towards wellness and freedom.


Client: I have decided to give this a shot.

      If you are on your way to a first meeting with me, that means that a few things have already occurred. First, I will assume that you have already browsed this website, and second we will have already had our initial 20 minute free phone consultation (for more on that see here). During that phone call we will have been able to discuss your concerns relating to therapy, what some of your needs are and whether or not I am the best fit  to offer you the support you need in addressing your concerns. If during this phone call it is determined that we are not the best fit, then I will be grateful to have spoken with you at least once, and I will offer you no-fee support in your ongoing search for wellness. If however, it was decided that we could be a good fit, and that you are wanting to move forward in this process, then we would have scheduled an appointment time that best fits with your life schedule, and  I will have emailed you a link to some initial documents for you to complete prior to our first face-to-face. At this point, you may be thinking, "Oh no, paperwork already!?" - if so rest-assured that I am already considering the value of your time and I have tried my best to ensure that these documents will take no more of your time than needed. 

Client: What will happen in a first meeting?

     During a first meeting and in all subsequent meetings, my role is to be present, curious and attentive towards your life and your concerns. A first meeting is a time to build comfort and rapport while I begin to offer you support in the process of unraveling however much of your life story you are ready and willing to share. Or in other words, this is our time to take another glimpse at what has brought you here. First sessions are also a great time for you to ask me questions, state your concerns and preferences or to simply share any other helpful information you are aware of about your process of healing and building connection. If by chance, after a first meeting it is your preference to go in another direction with your wellness and healing, I will always be more than happy to assist in getting you connected with other skilled therapist and healers.


For those who continue forward with me, I look forward to our journey.

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