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Healing Through Brotherhood

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A space to discover a healthy, powerful, attuned, balanced and liberated black masculinity.

This is an 12 week group for all black men (trans* inclusive) who are interested and ready to invest in individual and collective healing by engaging in healthy, positive and intentional brotherhood.

Throughout our 12 weeks, we will meet virtually once a week to develop our awareness of black male identity and to learn practical skills and tools to support our healing and evolution.

Primary Themes of this Group will include:

  1. Exploring and Unpacking the Intersection of Black Identity & Manhood

  2. Navigating our Relationship to the Personal Masculine and Feminine

  3. Liberating the Body - Increasing Somatic/Body Awareness and Unpacking the embodied Myths and Narratives Related to the Black Body

  4. Raising Emotional Intelligence and Developing Introspective Engagement

  5. Interpersonal Interaction and Showing Up - Discussion & Exploration of how we as Black Men can show up in our relationships with Love, Power, Insight, Openness & Authentic Courage

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