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Individual Therapy

Supporting You On the Path of Self-Healing

       Individuals are shaped by a variety of ongoing life experiences that some may call coincidental, fate, or accidents of birth. While discovering and making sense of our life experiences is important; the work of understanding, affirming, and harmonizing our lives remains relatively unchanged. The reasons for considering individual therapy are as varied as we are. Some may search for freedom from past traumas that have had too much power over their lives; while others may be looking for a way to manage anxious reactions to uncontrollable circumstances hoping to overcome them. You could be looking for a safe and trusted space to explore themes of personal identity and intersectionality; or hoping to find relief from the crushing weight of depression, the pains of negative thinking and low self-esteem.

      Ultimately, clinical therapy supports us in taking a closer look at the conscious and unconscious messages that we have been receiving all of our lives, as we learn how to find our truest selves in the process of building personal insight and letting go of patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. I believe that human beings have incredible potential and that we do not have to live our lives feeling endlessly stuck, dis-empowered, and disconnected from ourselves, loved ones and communities.


     In my practice, the belief is that we human beings are at our personal best when we are consistently experiencing internal freedom, and an enduring sense of connection with our environment. When we live from a place of deep internal capacity we have the ability to contribute from our wellspring of wellness towards the betterment of those around us; particularly, those whom we call our friends and family.


If you have any questions concerning how Intentional Therapy can aid you in finding not only a "way out" but a way forward, then please take advantage of a 20 minute consultation call with me: 

Steven Ellison, LCSW. 

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