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Couples Therapy

Renewing Connection and Intimacy

Relationships can be as complex as the the individuals who are in them. In relationships we may experience loving highs and disconnected lows. Through relationships we may find mutual growth, humor, adventure and admiration in many moments; while encountering frustration and dissatisfaction in others. Oftentimes, there may be parts of us that are content and comfortable; while others parts are feeling unseen, unacknowledged and undernourished. However your relationship is in this moment, I can assure you that there is hope.


That you are reading this is perhaps a sign that you are ready to explore the possibilities for wellness in your relationship; and to perhaps unravel some of the old and unhelpful patterns that have gone unspoken of and unresolved for too long. If your goals are to explore the possibility and methods for creating a deeper and more fulfilling sense of partnership, then I offer space, support, mediation and reflection for you in this journey.


If any of this resonates with your sense of need, then I am ready to join with you both in this work.  Please feel free to contact me: Steven Ellison.

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