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Family Therapy

A Foundation for Wellness

We owe so much of who and how we are to the formative and oftentimes enduring experience that we call family. Families come in all configurations and could be experienced as: strictly biological, or an experience of close intimacy and proximity; there are experiences of chosen family, tolerated family, frustrating family, loving family, abandoned or disowned family and fluctuating family instabilities. There are endless ways to define the family.  However, when we speak of family what we are often describing is an interconnected web of individuals.


When we are considering family therapy, we may be questioning or struggling with how connected we really feel to one another. We may be exploring the roles of each individual and how they have been stressed or distorted by the pressures of life, and challenging personal narratives. Our families with younger children may be seeking support and solutions on parenting more effectively/uniquely to their child's concerns. Older families may want resolution and to address historically unvoiced wounds. Regardless of the reason for family therapy, in my work with the family every voice is valid, and every narrative is significant to the family system's overall wellness.


If you would like to further explore how family therapy works with me, please take advantage of a 20 minute complimentary consultation call. I look forward to exploring how I can support your family in its movement toward greater harmony.

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